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Company Profile

Company Profile


Kedou (Suzhou)Brain Computer Technology is a high-tech company that includes research and development, fabrication and sells of various electrophysiology products which contains brain-computer interface related software and hardware products. Otherwise, they provides customized technical services and solutions. The company takes the implantable nerve microelectrode and other electrophysiological related products as the core research and development direction, aiming at clinical application, and continues to increase the investment of research and development. Among them, the nerve microelectrode products are already at the leading level in the industry, and almost 40 kinds of products have been developed accumulatively. Many of these products have also filled the gaps in the domestic market. Since the official sale, the company have been possessed more than 350 institutes which contain First-class universities and research institute at domestic and foreign. Nowadays, it becomes the world's leading supplier in neuromicroelectrode Electrode hardware.

Intellectual property: After 6 years hard work, the company has abtained 3 national invention patents, 28 utility model patents and 7 invention patents for related products.


1) The third prize of Suzhou "Jinfeng Venture Cup" Youth Innovation and Innovation Competition   in 2017;

2) Suzhou high-tech enterprises cultivated and entered the warehouse in 2017;

3) Private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2017;

4) Technology-based SMEs in 2017;

6) The high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province were cultivated and put into storage in 2018;

7) Suzhou Gusu Angel Plan Project in 2018;

8) The first prize of the 4th Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the product research and development project in 2019;

9) Certified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2021;

10) Up to now, the company has carried out long-term cooperation with more than 350 institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Zhengzhou University, Suzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences , and Academy of Military Sciences, we provids microwire electrode arrays and related electrophysiological systems that depend on our independent research and development for them.

Featured Product

Featured Product


New Product Launch: KedouBC 1024-Channel Data Acquisition System – A Comprehensive Solution for In Vivo Electrophysiological Signal Collection from Scratch

KedouBC's latest research and development achievement, the KedouBC 1024-Channel Data Acquisition System, is now fully available on the market! This high-end device is tailored for neuroscience research and aims to provide you with a comprehensive solution for in vivo electrophysiological signal collection from scratch.


Product Highlights:

  • Multi-Signal Acquisition: Covers 99.9% of in vivo electrophysiological signal collection experiment needs, including Electroencephalogram (EEG), Electrocorticogram (ECOG), Local Field Potential (LFP), Action Potential (Spike), Electromyogram (EMG), and Electrocardiogram (ECG), among others.

  • Simultaneous Collection for Multiple Animals: An efficient design that allows for the simultaneous collection of data from 1 to 8 animals, significantly improving experimental efficiency.

  • Flexible Settings: Amplifier bandwidth and sampling rates can be adjusted according to experimental requirements.

  • Ground Isolation: Each headstage port is independently grounded and isolated to effectively reduce noise interference.

  • Multiple Ports: The device has a rich set of analog and digital input/output ports to meet diverse connection needs.

  • Built-in Tools: The software includes various analysis tools such as Spike Scope, Inter-Spike Interval (ISI), Peri-Stimulus Time Histogram (PSTH), Spectrogram, and Probe Map, aiding in data analysis.

  • High Sampling Rate: Supports a maximum sampling rate of 30k samples per second (S/s), ensuring high-quality data collection.

  • External Trigger Function: Supports external triggering for synchronization with other devices or experiments.

  • Data Export: Saved data files can be imported into MATLAB, Python, or Julia, or converted to the NEX format for convenient subsequent processing and analysis.

  • Channel Quantity: Supports 16-1024 channels to meet various experimental needs.

  • Electrode Impedance Measurement: Automatically measures electrode impedance to ensure the stability of signal collection.

Applicable Fields:

The KedouBC 1024-Channel Data Acquisition System is suitable for various research fields such as electrode array development, neural signal data analysis, deep brain stimulation and optogenetics, biomedical technology development, etc. It provides precise electrophysiological/EEG signal collection for scientific research experiments with animals, including mice, rats, cats, dogs, non-human primates, etc.

Configuration List:

The configuration list includes but is not limited to:

  • KedouBC 1024-Channel Data Acquisition System main unit

  • 16/32/64/128-channel mini Headstages

  • 2-meter ultra-thin multi-channel Headstage connection cables

  • Multi-channel automatic impedance measurement board

  • Real-time data processing software

  • 12-channel standard HDMI optical commutator

  • High-performance computer + 27-inch monitor

  • Electrode-specific holder

  • Soundproof shielding box

  • Metabolic cage

  • Electrode adapter

  • Over forty electrode options

  • NeuroExplorer neural signal analysis software


Building Solutions:

We offer simple, standard, and full configurations, as well as customized services to ensure that they meet the number of animals and specific channel requirements of your experiments.

Get a Quote:

Contact us immediately to experience the powerful function of the KedouBC 1024 in vivo multi-channel electrophysiological data acquisition system in accurately capturing neural signals.

To provide you with a more efficient configuration plan, please follow the process below to contact us:

  1. Add the following WeChat accounts,or send an email,noting your name and research institution.

  2. Inform us of the general type of experiment, the number of experimental animals, and the target number of channels.

  3. We will provide you with detailed equipment parameters, product manuals, and a quotation.

For inquiries, please contact the email: xiaotian.lin@kedoubc.com

Customer Service ID: KedouBC_tech

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